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Each and everyone of the strategies from the checklists are from REAL examples, either used by myself or someone I know. They are NOT theory. I invite you to consider how, where, and when you might appropriately use them in your real estate investments.

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Chuck Sutherland has been in the real estate investment business for over 40 years. He has been involved in the successful development of single and multi-family residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality, and mini-storage projects.  As either an investor/developer or consultant, Mr. Sutherland has participated in the completion of over $200 million in real estate transactions and developments.  

Mr. Sutherland has also been a development consultant, conducting feasibility and market studies for industrial, commercial, hospitality, retail, mini-storage, mobile home, and housing properties throughout the United States.  His course on Creative Real Estate Formulas has been used for over ten years as one of the fundamental creative real estate courses for several national real estate organizations.